EFT 50 Questions and Answers: Credible Information about Emotional Freedom Techniques and Tapping from an Expert!


– Looking for a healthy, harmless way to remove your toxic emotions or psychosomatic issues fast and with no side-effects?
– Wondering about what this “EFT” is?
– Have you seen someone tapping with her fingers on herself and wonder what the heck was that?
– Have you seen EFT in the news or read about it somewhere on the Internet?
– Did someone demonstrate EFT to you or treated you with EFT and your curiosity has aroused?
– Did you attend a seminar on EFT but feel that you are missing something or are you not sure about what is going on?
– Do you have specific issues to resolve and wonder whether EFT can do that?
– Are you looking seriously into EFT or Energy Psychology as a student, researcher, coach, or therapist?
– Have you read contradicting or vague information about EFT that you would like to clarify?

Whatever the reasons you may have to be interested in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), here is a book full of accurate information. It comes as a result of 20 years of training, experience, research, and practice on EFT, by a multi-certified practitioner who has applied EFT to hundreds of people and has been teaching EFT to hundreds for self-help and professional use for many years with fabulous results. Time to get some things straight, stop wondering about important details and get some good ideas about what it can do and where you can use it!

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What some important people have to say about this book

“Ypatios has put together just about any question you can possible imagine about EFT. And answered them! That’s the big thing. He has answered them well. I really recommend him, I admire and respect and trust Ypatios and I encourage you to have a look at this book and to find out more about him. He is a great man and a great practitioner.”
Andy Bryce – EFT Founding Master & Trainer

“Newcomers often find themselves with all kinds of questions about EFT. Ypatios’ book takes a clear tour through the most helpful parts of this tapping tool so that the reader can better understand how to get more out of it. A valuable resource to cut through the noise and myths about EFT.”
Sejual Shah – Executive Coach and Trainer of Trainers with EFT International

“This is a comprehensive set of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about EFT. In a wonderfully straightforward style Ypatios answers 50 questions about EFT/Tapping. His answers are sober and thorough; they convey the power of EFT without hype, over-dramatization or over-simplification. Ypatios keeps his attention firmly fixed on ‘Classic EFT’ and how it can be used to work with a wide range of issues. I think this is an excellent guide for curious tappers.”
Andy Hunt – EFT International Master Trainer

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Table of contents

What is this book about? 8
Is this book for you? 8
Who am I? Why this book? 8
A few important notes, please read! 10
The 50 Questions and Answers 12
1. What is “EFT” in simple words? 12
2. Why should I choose EFT over other techniques and methods to release my negative emotions or experiences? 13
3. Why is EFT Tapping called “emotional acupuncture without the needles”? 14
4. What can I expect during EFT Tapping? 14
5. Are there any negative side effects related to EFT or tapping? Or something I should be cautious about? 15
6. Why do some people write and talk about EFT as “Emotional Freedom Techniques” (with an “s”) and some as “Emotional Freedom Technique” (without an “s”)? 16
7. Is EFT some form of psychotherapy? Is it better than psychotherapy? 17
8. Is EFT or tapping a medical procedure? Or an alternative form of medical intervention? 18
9. How many different forms of EFT are out there? Which one is the best? Is there a genuine EFT? 18
10. How do I know that tapping works? 20
11. I tried the tapping and it does not work. Other people have experienced miracles. What is going wrong here? 20
12. I have read that EFT is “tapping with positive affirmations”. Is that true? 21
13. I do the tapping, feel better, and after a couple of days I start feeling worse again. Is that all? Just a temporary relief? 21
14. Is EFT or tapping a placebo? 22
15. How does this weird tapping thing work? Is there any scientific proof that EFT or tapping alone does produce benefits? 22
16. Classic EFT focuses on the negative too much; couldn’t that enhance the negativity? 23
17. Will I need to experience intense emotions with EFT to get rid of them? Does it include some form of emotional drama or catharsis? 23
18. Is tapping a one-off process or will I need to repeat and how often? 24
19. I am undergoing therapy for an issue. Can I also use EFT for the same issue? 25
20. I did some tapping following someone on a video or a written script telling me what to do, where to tap, and what to say. Is this EFT or is it something different? 25
21. Can a “positive minded” person or an optimist benefit from EFT or tapping? 26
22. Can I use tapping and EFT with children? With teenagers? 27
23. Is EFT or tapping appropriate for anxiety? 28
24. Is EFT or tapping good for panic attacks? 28
25. Is EFT or tapping suitable for physical issues? 29
26. Is EFT or tapping appropriate for relationship issues? 30
27. Is EFT or tapping beneficial for weight issues? 31
28. Is EFT or tapping useful for phobias? 32
29. Is EFT or tapping good for work-related stress? 33
30. Can EFT or tapping help with grief because of a loss? 33
31. Can I treat depression with EFT or tapping? 34
32. Can EFT or tapping help with sports performance? 34
33. Is EFT or tapping good for hidden or repressed emotions? 35
34. Is EFT or tapping useful for life coaching? 35
35. Is EFT or tapping appropriate for traumatic memories? 36
36. Can someone with a serious disease benefit from EFT or tapping? 36
37. Can EFT or tapping help me sleep better? 37
38. Can EFT or tapping help with money-related blockages and self-limitations? 37
39. Can EFT or tapping help enhance positive thoughts and emotions? 38
40. Can EFT or tapping help with allergies? 38
41. Can EFT or tapping change beliefs? 39
42. Can EFT or tapping change negative thinking? 39
43. Can EFT or tapping help to increase the clarity of thinking? 40
44. Can EFT or tapping be used during pregnancy? 41
45. Can EFT or tapping be applied to a group of people at the same time? 41
46. Are there EFT or tapping applications for business and the corporate world? 42
47. How can I learn EFT and tapping? 43
48. I see some credentials about EFT, such as “EFT Practitioner”, “EFT Advanced Practitioner”, “EFT Master Practitioner”, “EFT Master”. What do they represent? 44
49. How can I become an EFT therapist? 45
50. Why does the Wikipedia discredit EFT? 46
Time to Say Goodbye 46

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